Friday, January 4, 2008

Work Every Possibility Out of Impossibility

'Impossible' - A favorite word some of us used, to dismiss tasks.

I asked, 'If there is still human life, what is impossible?'

Human, such a complex and unimaginable creation exists,
what else is impossible?

Don't give up exploring every possibility out of the impossibility.
There may be a limitation to every possibility, that means there is every chance of possibility may be sought from impossibility.

Keep searching, be amazed!

The next time we are challenged with a difficult task,are we going to reply with 'impossible'? or simply 'limitation to desirable results'?

The major challenge is always Time.. well.. I am still working on this issue though... :)

Does Time practice bribery? Guess not eh? hahaa.

Time takes no order from anyone. (sigh, therefore we all age!!!)

Before I point an accusing finger to other factors or people for a less desirable outcome, do I wish to look into myself first?

Imagine myself as a central power station, if the power supply runs low, is it more effective to work on this station first, or is it productive to attend to individual branched out stations?

Hmmm.... I say... situational, and debatable.

View From Window

It's half past 7 in the evening..
The sky was colored a bright orange

What a sight not to be missed
In a second, memories raced through my mind

Not wasting the beautiful sight, I grabbed my digicam, thus the birth of this page

How many times have I looked out of this window view
How many changes in the background have been seen?

This MRT track which I had taken train rides countless of times on
Yet now, how different do I feel looking at it
from a distance.. from my window...

A view so familiar..
Yet I had not grown tired of

Sometimes, it stands out gloomy at dawn
Sometimes, the colorful purplish orange brings out your down moods

The path underneath the track..
A track I take everyday
A track that leads me to the train station

How simple things build up our memories
ahh... how many simple things have we missed remembering?

Only if we can capture every moment in life
Who needs solemn moods to die with when we grow old?
Only if we can grab every moment now
We have no worries of the lack of our very own slideshows to reminisce in old age

I am still collecting and creating mine...

What about you??

Too Many Problems

Humans are prone to memory failure when problems lump in together. Problem doesn't come singly, and it's very true.

Maybe it is meant to be God's will to test human's heart and brain, maybe it's human who brought linking of single problem to chained problems.

We may not be able to prevent obstacles, but we can select better ways to overcome them.

Sometimes problems may seem more than they should. Perhaps some are not, but we made them problems.

How so? With negative outlook, every small hiccups or events grow to be a problem too big for us to solve. When the hands are full, everything else appears to be surplus.


I fixed a date for celebration for some occasion with my friends. I woke up in the morning, with anticipation to the evening. It's been a long time since we had a gathering. Many discussions were done and we settled for the best preferred dinning venue and food. Everything was expected to be well.

This day arrived; I dressed well with excitement, hoping the evening would arrive sooner. My friends and I would have a wonderful dinner and many things to talk about.

With a cheery mood, I arrived in the office, only to know that nothing went well. Orders were not fulfilled, operations were not running smooth, system shut down unexpectedly, customers were yelling, manager reprimanded me for the things not in my control. Work was lousy. It affected my mood.

When the day ended in the worst imagined way. I wasn't in the mood to even meet up my friends.

While my friends, who may have their own share of problems at work, at home. They went to the dinner as planned. I called my friends to inform of my intention to cancel the dinner. After much persuasion, and compromise, they changed the venue and time and even food, to accommodate me.

I went there and sulked the whole night thru. When I got home, my mum told me the microwave was not working well, and I flared up on this slightest issue complaining how troublesome it would be to call for a service etc etc, which could otherwise be dealt with in the slightest effort.

Not only that I didn't enjoy the dinner, I brought my friends moody atmosphere. My mum felt bad about not using the microwave properly. I felt lousy that my problems were simply overwhelming.

To Ponder:
were the incidental matters really problems?

We could segment issues and not to mix them up. If this piece of bean curd turn sour due to improper storage or whatever reason, and we mix other food in it, the whole dish would be equally bad. But if we segment the bean curd, and take other food separately, it would turn out differently. We would still have good food, while managing the bad food. Options are there, to make smelly bean curd using the sour bean curd? Or discard it all away. Objective remains same, to manage things separately, be it simultaneously, or stagger it in different time slot. Whatever we do, the other food has no inkling with the problematic bean curd, we have to be fair to the other food. Problems get solved, unless we don't want them to. We can't punish the good food with the bad food's fault.

Even in the midst of solving this problem, we need not be afraid of eating, we can still be hopeful that other good food come along the way. So long we don't mix things up, the good can remains good. Agree? hmmm... get my point?? Also reminding myself this..


It was merely an expression of what I felt at that moment..

I would have failed myself if I allowed myself not even tried. If I don't tell you 'today', I am afraid if 'tomorrow' stood up on me and never arrive, I will never get a chance.

If I get pass 'today' without doing my best for 'today', I would miss out 'today', and it becomes 'yesterday', remained incomplete, and 'yesterday' was a past I can't do anything about anymore. If I put off things to 'tomorrow', what if 'tomorrow' won't come?

If I don't do it now, when?

There is not a trace of fear in me, as I have confronted all my fears. The only small fear that I have no confrontation power is.. towards tomorrow.

Now I wake up my eyes every morning, feel blessed, that I still wake up to a day. So I will live today fully. And count my blessings every morning.

When tomorrow arrives, I spend small time rethinking about today, it would still be a good day, because I have colored everyday complete.

May all sleep well tonight, wake up fresh tomorrow.

The Art of Remembering

Another teacher, a friend of long time, taught me the Art of Remembering
A friend of a long time, whom I met many years back

Was here to teach me something today
In a casual conversation, in reminiscing some good old memories of the past

He remarked of his many unsuccessful relationships
When engaged into deeper exchange of in-depth topics

A confession that he had spent all these years trying to forget me
In a state of confusion, I inquired into my personality

Had I caused so much harm then, that a person would require so much time to forget me?
My heart sank as quickly as Titanic may

What kind of hurt had I inflicted on this man, that is ruining his life?

Bucking up my courage to face my weakness and faults
I posted questions

To my amazement, I was spread with a table of compliments
I was filled with mixed feelings

Unable to hold back my desires to uncover more
I asked, why then, I am to be forgotten?

In this light conversation
We played the role of Teacher of each other

I learned that human tend to adopt the easiest way to move on
In order to move on with his lost

He believed that by forgetting me, whom he failed to 'possess'
That he believed was a regret
He was beaten down by his own pride of lost

By embracing such regret, he'd rather forget what he think is good
I ask, Why choose to forget something you think is great?
How many beautiful pictures can be painted in this short life time?
Wouldn't it be good to remember the good, and discard the bad?
Now, he has to decide what is good and what is bad

It was such coincidence that I just learned about the Art of Letting Go
So I shared my lesson learned with him

He had in turn enlightened me with affirmations of my newly learned lesson
Let go of the pride, and false beliefs
Letting go, doesn't mean forgetting
Letting go, of the right component, to enhance the holistic human mind environment

If he stops seeing me as a lost, a pain of lost
Will he be able to let go of me

Each time he thinks of me again, there is no pain, but fond memories of a great friend
The next time he speaks of me again, he is able to hold pride in such encounter of a friend

I almost regretted being good
Yet, such timely lesson of the 1st teacher, brought me to another light of wisdom
that I am able to counter this conversation better than I could

The Art of Letting Go
The Art of Remembering

I've learnt to let go too... so that I can be remembered

The Art of Letting Go

Today my 2 teachers enriched my day with great wisdom

One teacher, I shall address him as my dearest confidante
He taught me the Art of Letting Go

When I met him, he led me to my most fearful desires
A dream I hadn't been able to summon enough courage to pursue
He showed me to great light of love
Love - My ultimate desire, yet my greatest fear

Along the journey of such pursuance
He showered me with more wisdom each passing day
Today, he taught me of letting go of physical desires
In pursuit to higher spiritual attainment

In integrating this love into my life
I gradually pick up the desires of physical possession
A most easy method to secure oneself of possessing love

Such false beliefs left me thinking
I started to doubt myself of my self-worth and self-quality
I started to question myself if I am no longer good enough
This confidante, through his silent teachings
Imparted me the wisdom of freeing up the emotional distress

To let go, in order to gain more
To let go, does not mean erasing the feelings away
In letting go, are we able to love at ease
In letting go, are we able to discard physical entanglement
In letting go, are we able to love freely
In letting go of expectations, are we able to love unconditionally
He is practicing the Art of Letting Go
To let go of me, in order to love me more adequately
In letting go of me, he frees his hands, in order to embrace more
In letting go of me, he believes it's his best way of loving me

To let go, simply three words, takes a great deal of courage to accomplish
To let go of a love, requires great deal of appreciation to understand such act

When he lets go of me, I am left with options
To think that I was no longer loved, no longer worthy of love
Or, I can adopt proactive positive directions
To think that it was never easy for him to let go of me
It may be tougher a task to let go of me, than to hold me dear

I choose to understand
Here I stand up on my feet
In the act of love
I am showing him that I understand his pain
As he tries to lessen mine, I am soothing his in this gentle way I know
Though apart, the love we share formed a cushion
To guard us from being hit on the bumpy road of letting go
Love is at its greatest, when we try to love our love to his interest
Praise love

Test of Situations

Words can't describe the magical things that happened to us.

Tests of situations are always stringent.
Each time, there's a lesson behind each incident
The question here is.. Do we learn from it?

Today, God teaches us that it exists in the real world that...
In couples, there are situations whereby both were met with bad days/moods
God has helped us realise the worse situtations that any couple may meet
Many only encounter much later, not earlier

God has given us the intense treatment of life, praise God
The tougher and sooner the situations set for us
The clearer the path is paved ahead for us
How so?

Each time, each difficult situation is tide over
It meant that no worse would bog us down in future
If we clear up the worst, what's next?
Better, improved mindsets

The snap-off point here is that, it's 'show-hand' situation each time
Coupled with positive mindsets, we can always turn the table around
Make the best out of the worst

Don't blame situations, they are meant to do us good
What good does it make for us, if the journey set out is all too smooth sailing?
Only by surviving the tough, we make the best out of ourselves.

The message:
"Struggle the rough waves in youth,
Enjoy the fruitful peace in old age" - Lainsil

Remain positive...
No waves too rough to tide over
No dreams too high to reach
No mountains too tough to conquer

No love like this love
No man like you, no lady like me..
Believe in yourself, believe in me.. Believe in this love